Weekly Digest – 08/09/10

As Rakim twice said, “It’s been a long time.”

Apologies for the stagnancy of this site.  I was wrapping up my book, Hip Hop Genius, which took all of my writing energy and time for the past few months.  The manuscript is now off to the publisher and should be out in the beginning of 2011.  I’ll, of course, keep you posted.

First Different, Then Better Education Innovation

While I’ve been pretty absent from this site, I did post a link to an article I wrote for GOOD about the interesting symposiums that Elliot Washor, cofounder and codirector of Big Picture Learning, has been putting together around the country.  Here’s a link to that page: First Different, Then Better

Elliot has invited me to a few more of these symposiums, which I hope to post some thoughts about soon.  A few weeks ago, we were in Detroit to look at how learning happens at Makers Faires and this coming weekend we’ll be in Portland, OR to look at how schools can play a stronger role in helping young people to Eat Smart, Play Smart, and Be Smart.

Inkie Well J Interview

Another piece on the horizon is an interview I conducted with a talented young emcee from Rhode Island, Inkie Well J.  I’ll be sorting through my notes and posting that article sometime soon.  In the meantime, here’s a clip from him to get you excited about that interview…

Some Things That Have Gone Down on the Tweets

While I haven’t been posting many articles, I have found a bunch of things worth sharing.  Here are some links I’ve posted to Twitter recently.  If you’re interested in following the Husslington Post on Twitter, click here: http://twitter.com/husslington.  In the meantime, check out a link or two…

Marilyn Buck was released from prison and passed away: http://bit.ly/bBRUgT

June 2010 was the warmest June ever recorded fourth consecutive warmest month on record: http://j.mp/aTaABM (via @calmo & @ericandersen)

The Gulfsouth Youth Biodiesel Project documentary video (from @OperationReach – an organization I’m on the board of): http://youtu.be/EDv7s_2YKwE

When it comes to schools, “Small is Still Beautiful” according to the Washington Post: http://www.washingtonmonthly.com/features/2010/1007.toch.html

New York agrees to federal oversight for troubled youth prisons http://nyti.ms/9GrM3q (via @DroptheRock)

Handcuffing 6-Year-Olds in New Orleans? Seriously? http://tinyurl.com/26xoaxz (via @NewBlackMan)

Hip-hop test prep shows good results (and the article shouts out my girl Laura Rubin’s class!): http://bit.ly/dyhWl7

Laura’s school in hip-hop ed news again: School shows that hip-hop education is more than rap: http://is.gd/djdjg (via @chrisemdin)

More hip-hop education news:

2 recent articles on teaching math with rap music via Marcella Runell Hall: http://bit.ly/9rr2ethttp://bit.ly/aXjHA6

LA teacher makes algebra cool with a hip-hop beat http://bit.ly/bRCaZF

Jim Jones turned a classroom into a record label at Campus High in Brooklyn (VIDEO): http://bit.ly/df0rZm

Pharrell speaks on ‘his mission to fix our nation’s schools’ and the school he is starting… http://bit.ly/bZZL6U

Publicity for Rap DataPacks/Hip Hop WordCount – this post invokes Dewey: http://bit.ly/93Sw5G (@street_therapy)

J Dilla Foundation teams up with Berklee School of Music to launch Education Initiative at Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival:http://bit.ly/acSRzu

50 Cent returns to South Jamaica, Queens to talk to kids about healthy living/exercise: http://bit.ly/aIspPA

Drake funds Jamaican Learning Center: http://bit.ly/aBPv1C

(In other Drake news: Drake experienced racism at his Jewish day school & rocked to Backstreet Boys at his bar mitzvah… http://bit.ly/cyQUPy [via @sonicrap])

And the world we live in could not be more ugly or beautiful…

Rest In Peace Oscar Grant and Marilyn Buck.

Happy birthday to Terra.

Have a great week and keep husslin.

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