Weekly Digest – 03/14/10

update on sammy’s hussle…

Some highlights/interesting links from my adventures over the last two weeks:

BAEO Symposium

Last week had me out in Milwaukee at the tenth annual symposium for the Black Alliance for Educational Options.  It was a powerful convening of educators, students, parents and partners from the business and philanthropic community.  I had the honor of presenting on a panel about hip-hop education and BAEO’s network of small schools.  Other members of the panel included three amazing high school students and my partners, Chris “Kazi” Rolle (founder of the Hip Hop Project and Together Apart) and Nmuta Jones (teacher at Denver School of Science and Technology & creator of MediaBreeze educational media and video games).

Bring Your A Game

While at the symposium, I watched the film, “Bring Your A Game” with a room full of high school students.  The film, which was produced by the 21st Century Foundation in partnership with actor–director Mario Van Peebles and producer Karen Williams, “sheds light on the resilience and influence of Black males.”  The film has some shortcomings, but it led to a great conversation with the students at the symposium and I definitely recommend checking it out.

Building with Isaac Ewell, Fanon Wilkins & Toni Blackman

This week I made a quick run to New York to connect with my partners, Isaac Ewell (co-founder of SoulGenesis and Director of the BAEO-Gates Small Schools Project) and Fanon Che Wilkins (professor of African American History and Culture at Doshisha University).  Fanon introduced Isaac and me to Toni Blackman (artist, teacher and U.S. Hip Hop Ambassador).  It was dope to learn about her work and connect on our passion for hip-hop, hip-hop education and life.  Please check out her site!

Talking Food and Music with Eco-Chef Bryant Terry

Yesterday, my man Bryant Terry (eco-chef and author of Grub & Vegan Soul Kitchen) stopped through Providence to give a talk/cooking demo at Brown.  He tore it down and we had great vegan eats and conversation at AS220’s new restaurant, FOO(D).  Then we did the hip-hop nerd thing and sat in the whip for a few hours putting each other on to “new” music.  Some highlights I picked up: Nickelus F rapping over Portishead and Aloe Blacc (def both worth checking, even for those of you who don’t consider yourselves hip-hop heads!).

Here are some quick summaries of this week’s posts to the Husslington…

Ten Reasons to Cop the New Riders Against the Storm Album

Riders Against the Storm just dropped a new album.  And you should buy it.  Who are Riders Against the Storm?  A married couple/hip-hop duo that also hold down a sketch comedy team and work with young people.   That’s three things that make them dope, click here for seven more!

Seven Rules for Writing

Recently Daniel Pink (author of A Whole New Mind and several other books) published his seven rules for writing on the New Yorker’s website.  Seeing his list inspired me to jot down seven rules I try to get myself to follow.  Click here to see sammy’s seven.

Sharing is…Illegal?? The Flimsy Case Against Open Source

Instead of valiantly protecting the intellectual property of hungry artists, the copyright lobbyists are exerting their influence to turn the U.S. government against countries that use open source software.  This strikes me as foolish.  Click here to learn more about what the International Intellectual Property Alliance is up to, to read more of my thoughts on the matter, and to add your own.

The American Hussle… Captured in Dance

Last but not least, if you haven’t seen Katt Williams get down to Rick Ross’s Hussle anthem, click here for a short, hilarious VIDEO peek into the power of @#%*^&#*% hussla music.

Here are my top eleven links from Twitter…

Moms of Lil Wayne, Ne-Yo And T Pain To Receive Humanitarian Award: http://hiphopwired.com/2010/03/01/moms-of-lil-wayne-ne-yo-and-t-pain-to-receive-humanitarian-award/

Bail Out Our Schools – a piece by Robert Reich: http://bit.ly/cQdUBY

How Twitter in the Classroom is Boosting Student Engagement: http://bit.ly/bekjgi

I work with this school! RT @mybnz: black history all year long: John Figueriedo, a student at Brockton’s Champion… http://bit.ly/aYiaMj

music for young people… $ for musicians… MusicianCorps VIDEO: http://bit.ly/d41pdP

Big City Superintendents: Dictatorship or Democracy? Lessons from Paulo Freire: http://bit.ly/cwcnUz

New Doc: Blacking Up explores white participation in hip-hop http://www.youtube.com/v/vWF-peyRuvA&hl=en_US&fs=1& (@hiphopeducation)

Xzibit, Pusha T (from the Clipse), Drake & Nicki Minaj speak about their writing processes: http://bit.ly/a4hEnQ

?uest Love says Jay-Z quotes Stewie from Family Guy – How Jay-Z rules hip-hop and middle America: http://bit.ly/aU5t6Y (via @SonicRap)

Obama shouts out 2 orgs I’ve worked with in recent years! Says CIS & the Met are exemplary (11 min in) http://bit.ly/aOgTpP (via @Elliot_Washor)

And a combination of the two above… Obama and Jay-Z meet: http://bit.ly/cRGGVE

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Until next week, keep husslin.

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