Weekly Digest – 02/28/10

A lot of writing has gone down this week, but, unfortunately, none of it has been for this site.

I banged out a draft of the conclusion to my book, Hip Hop Genius.  If you don’t know about the book, please check out this page I just created that describes the endeavor…  Hip Hop Genius – The Book.

I also wrote my second article for GOOD.is.  The article features an amazing program in a juvenile prison outside of Washington, DC, where young men are learning metalwork skills by making art….. out of guns that the DC police have confiscated.  Yeah, you read that right–young men in prison crafting beautiful sculptures out of destroyed guns…  It is a powerful program.  The article will explain how the program works, how it came to be and will feature pictures of the sculptures the young men have made (I posted one above).  I’ll post a link to the article as soon as it’s up on GOOD’s site.

Here are my top five Twitter excerpts for this week…

Support urban youth, teachers, mentors & arts education advocates. Join the Urban Teachers Network! http://bit.ly/9OonLR (from @HipHopCongress)

Obama and Intel put Money on Green Graduates: http://bit.ly/daroSV

AllHipHop.com NEWS – Walmart Underfire For Hip-Hop, Black History Month Selections: http://ow.ly/16F8I7 (from @allhiphopcom)

“Where recycling meets design” http://bit.ly/cf0jSI #innovation (from @clayrock)

A friend has begun an education blog. Check it out and give feedback! http://bit.ly/bHjCDt

If you’re interested in following, click here: http://twitter.com/husslington

Our thoughts are with Guru (from Gangstarr) as he recovers from a recent health emergency.

And until next week, keep husslin.

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