Turning Guns Into Roses

Schools inside juvenile prisons are often not centers of inquiry, imagination and social justice.  But there are a few that are trying hard to provide life-altering educational experiences for all students who have the unfortunate experience of being sent to them.  One such program exists for young people from Washington, DC who are incarcerated at the New Beginnings facility in Laurel, MD.  I have had the chance to visit the school several times through work I have done with the See Forever Foundation/Maya Angelou Public Charter Schools.

There is a program connected to the Maya Angelou Academy at New Beginnings called, “Guns to Roses,” through which young men learn creative arts, violence prevention and metal work skills.  I recently wrote an article about this amazing program for GOOD.is.  Please check it out, and mark it “GOOD” on their website (it takes just a few seconds to join the GOOD community and to be able to comment and mark articles).

Here’s a preview, click on it to read the full article…

Enjoy the article and, if you have comments/questions about this exceptional program, please post them!

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