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I learn about a lot of interesting music on  This week it was Wu Tang Vs The Beatles: Enter the Magical Mystery Chambers Mashup.

Here’s a brief excerpt from dude’s bio on the site:

Kevin is an 80’s child, growing up on artists such as Run DMC, Whodini, and UTFO. Listening to all forms of hip hop from the past 30 years, his favorite period would have to be the early to mid 90s, a time when A Tribe Called Quest, Gangstarr, and Pete Rock & CL Smooth were on the scene. Today’s hip hop leaves Kevin with mixed emotions and there are a lot of acts out there who are in the game just for the money and don’t have same the passion as our hip hop pioneers. At the same time, there are just as many innovative and creative artists coming up in hip hop that must be recognized.

The site honors the above sentiment, featuring categories like:

Soulful Sundays

Instrumental Tuesdays

Beat Junkies Wednesdays

DJ Premier Wednesdays

Throwback Thursdays

Freestyle Fridays

I originally came to the site for the insane collection of sample sets (compilations of all the songs sampled for particular rap albums or by particular artists).  You’ve gotta check out the list they’ve put together:

About a month ago, Kevin posted a thoughtful piece on the site about why they have taken down some of the sample sets…

Check out the site:

And, if you use the Twitter, you can follow him at:

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