Beamer… Honda… Walking: The Greening of a Pop Song

Early this year, rappers Lloyd Banks and Juelz Santana released a pretty unremarkable song called “Beamer, Benz or Bentley.”  It has a catchy beat and hook though and it has gotten a lot of radio play over the last two months.

The video is as offensive as it is boring (typical near-naked-women-dancing-around-rappers-wearing-chains-standing-in-front-of-cars formula).  If you feel the need to spend three minutes and 25 seconds of your life that you can never get back, you can watch it here:

The beat and simplicity of the chorus made the song an irresistible target for remakes.  At least ten have popped up, including “New York, Jersey, Philly” by Joe Budden and Royce Da 5′9” and “Gucci, Louis, Fendi” by Cassidy.  Joell Ortiz and Jim Jones not only recorded a mixtape joint over the beat, they shot an official video over it, which I believe they released before the video for the original song!  I like the way they came at it, because they stuck with the concept of cars, but by changing the make and model of the chorus, they transformed the whole vibe of the song.  They make a much lower grade of vehicles sound cooler (in the urban drugdealer sense of the word) than the flossy whips celebrated in the original.  Nissan, Honda, Chevy… Nissan, Honda, Chevy… Nissan, Honda, Chevy…

(Maybe I just like this one cuz I’ve driven all three!)

So, it seemed to me like that was gonna be the highlight of the remakes on this one.  But then Philip sent me this gem from Brandon Carter and Malik 16.  They dressed the chorus down even further…  It’s still transportation, but no more cars……

Subway, Bus or Walking!  Subway, Bus or Walking!

Parking is not a problem when you use the public option!

Gotta love it (except for when they insult the homeless dude).

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